A few thoughts about my work

The last nine years or so, I have been working with large pencil drawings. I often use a lot of text fragments in the drawings. The text parts remind of diary writings. I am also interested in personal language examinations. I find it interesting to read confused texts make sense in my drawings as a non linear play wright. A non linearity gives me the possibility to write truths and lies. New truths and lies occur. I am interested to take notice of when I see something wrongly, for instance on my drawing, instead of when one says something wrongly. It is possible for the consciousness to see a word or a thing “wrong”. Maybe I am interested to use text in my art work since I spoke one language at home as a child and also learnt another language outside home. I make drawings that are completely covered with pencil. I put some motives with thin pencil lines in the grey pencil thickness, and then I draw around the motives. The motive is often I myself, as I find the self to be an objective measure to start out from. Almost endless grey colours arise, therefore it becomes difficult to discover the subtle motive at a first glance. In my latest works, I have chosen to use text in a made up way, and that for instance there is a figure in the drawing that is reading a kind of coded text. My reason for this, is that I want to withdraw from that the viewer expects to be close to my thoughts, as text is supposed to be understandable.